Selling your Home and the Benefits of Staging

Selling your Home and the Benefits of Staging

When it comes to selling our homes, we’re all admittedly a little biased. We can’t help but to think that our homes are already so beautiful that “it has to sell”.  And perhaps you’re right. It’s possible that your home is immaculately decorated and up to date with all the current interior design trends. And maybe you’ve upgraded your home with the idea of selling in mind, and so you think you might not have to consider changing much else once that sign goes up. All possibilities, yes. However, it’s important to note that decorating your home isn’t the same as staging it.

You see, as the market becomes more competitive, staging your home becomes of higher priority. Simply put: more buyers are out there searching for a home to call their own. And that home could very well be yours. This said, it’s important to be able to detach from your current home – both from an interior design standpoint, as well as from an emotional one – and trust the recommendations of your staging professional. They’ll be sure to remind you why the following tidbits of guidance are important ones to accept and abide by:

  • Trust the professionals: consider this step a top priority. In order to successfully sell your home in a worry-free, stress-free manner, you must first hire the right people, and accept their offered advice. For instance, your realtor will do their due diligence in marketing your home, while your stager will do theirs in presenting it. It’s said that, on average, a home that is professionally staged will sell 73% faster than those that are not. Needless to say, they have an eye for this sort of thing!
  • Declutter: if you’re looking to appeal to the potential buyers of your home, you must first eliminate any unwanted and uninviting clutter. This means tackling junk drawers, stacks of meaningless paper, books, refrigerator magnets – even rugs and cabinets that don’t exactly hold much purpose aside from being a flat surface that supports said piles of paper. You’ll want to draw the attention of your home upward – you know, toward your 8-foot ceilings, your grand doorways, or your wrapped staircase – not necessarily to the miscellanea that is your living room.
  • Create a memory: you’ll want to charm your buyers with a lasting impression. Sure, your home may speak to you – but does it speak to your everyday buyer? You’ll want to simplify your home by eliminating its touches that are personal to you, and replace them with those that will appeal to the many eyes that may walk through your doors.

 So, once you’ve decided to sell your home, you might want to consider hiring someone to stage it in order to benefit you, as the seller. Remember, when it comes to showing your home to prospective buyers out there, less is always more!

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